Production - The creative process comes to life when the product is developed and tested. From constructing my own canvas for painting, to building my own fashion brand and product portfolio from scratch, and to develop fast fashion at a large scale for a company with 50+ stores in Colombia, the production process is what drives me...but it has always missed the nature factor.


From creating a brand, to working with the most influential fashion company in Colombia -beFREEclothingCo. was the name of my personal menswear clothing brand. Inspired by freedom and displaying my art, this idea started with t-shirts and eventually became a fully stocked clothing and accessories brand.


beFREE clothingCo. - This is the perfect example of making an idea come to life. I pictured my art on t-shirts and created a brand, then wondered how those tees were made and that is when other product categories came to be, new distribution channels and new experiences. Our brand received awards and grants by the government of Medellin for our innovative approach. 

For security reasons in Medellin, Colombia we had to shut down and I ended up working with the coolest and most new era brand in the country, Mattelsa S.A.S. Started as a Brand Manager for two menswear brands and moved up to Prototype Manager and Product Development Manager. Loved every second of this experience and my team will forever by in my heart. Mattelsa is what I envisioned for beFREE at one point...

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