Meet Roy, get inspired.

July 6, 2017

Name: Roy Slaper

Whereabouts: Old school warehouse in Oakland, California, USA

Craft: Denim Jeans

Source: Coolhunting


Why is he cool?


He is obsessed with denim craftsmanship and uses machines dating back to the 1800's to construct the whole garment by himself, with his own bare hands. 

I encourage you to watch this video and realize that creativity, curiosity, craftsmanship, authenticity and obsession to details are traits that are becoming more common among industry leaders.

To be the best at something requires passion and love, not for money or the finished product, but for the process, the failures, the small victories and achieving things on our own. 


Roy teaches us that we should look at jeans as the art pieces they are and understand all the processes it goes through in order to exist instead of looking at jeans as what he calls, "fuzzy blocks of blue".


Be driven! Be like Roy!


Visit his website at:


 I thank my Product Development professor Julie for sharing this video with us, I am truly inspired by it. 


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