Remembering beFREE clothing

July 24, 2017

Final Draft.

As years go by, my former clothing brand beFREEclothing becomes more and more a reference point in my life, changing every aspect of the "starving artist" mentality into an artistic entrepreneur mentality. Being an entrepreneur gave me the skills and tools to conquer any goal, and we did. I started the brand in 2009 to later on bring my now wife Erika, and together we won a city grant and many awards with our not so typical business idea, only to shut down on a typical Thursday morning. After life threatening situations with bandidos in Medellin that wanted a weekly cut from our profits, we decided that our life is worth more than anything and called it quits and decided to sell everything and move to Toronto, Canada.


So fuck them, they got nothing.


This sad event gave way to one of the best jobs I ever had, being a Product development Manager at Mattelsa S.A.S in Medellin, also known as my second family. Company that won the award for Best Workplace for Young Professionals in Latin America, and it truly was, is.


Fashion and art are the same thing to me and one cannot be without the other, and this brand was a clear example of that.


Here's our first promotional video, as you can see we still had a long way to go, but that was the best part...the ride, the fuckups, the knowledge.


Check out some of our campaigns: